Baseball Facilities

Dave Regan Clubhouse & LaRoche Locker Room



 LaRoche Locker Room

In 2003, an addition was placed on the already existing indoor baseball facility (aptly known as “The Barn” to FSCC coaches and players). The Clubhouse included a players’ locker room/lounge (LaRoche Locker Room), bathroom, coaches’ office, and a garage for storage of equipment. Since 2008, the Dave Regan Clubhouse/LaRoche Locker Room has seen annual improvements. Listed below are the improvements that have occurred as well as the academic year in which they took place:


55” LCD TV was purchased and placed in the LaRoche Locker Room for players to view baseball practice footage as well as watch TV as a team.

A ping-pong table was purchased and placed in the middle of the locker room.


A leather couch and 2 leather chairs were purchased with the school’s interlocking “FS” logo embroidered on them.

A DVD player and sound system were installed that go throughout the locker room and indoor baseball facility.

Bathroom renovation including: removal of the showers and additional plumbing to allow for a second washing machine and dryer.


Individual leather padded chairs similar to bench chairs at basketball games were added to each of the 36 lockers.

The lockers were rearranged and an entertainment center was purchased to house the TV, DVD player, and sound system.


Additional lighting and wall branding of former players were added to the hallway and locker room.


3-55” Flat Screen TV’s were added to make the total at 4-55” TV’s.


New ping pong table


Replaced lockers with 36 professional grade cherry oak wood lockers


No improvements made


Purchased 4 new lockers to add to the Locker Room


No improvements made


Future plans include:

Replacing the current wall coverings with more FSCC Baseball branding and artwork.

Expansion and addition to the north end of the locker room to add a weight room.


Facility Historical Background

The clubhouse is named after Dave Regan – the longtime Fort Scott HS head baseball coach. Coach Regan taught in the Fort Scott school system for 20 years and coached for 19 years. In both arenas, he upheld high standards and challenging expectations for the youth of Fort Scott. Coach Regan was instrumental in bringing high school baseball to Fort Scott and some of his players continued their baseball careers at FSCC, other colleges and universities, and in professional baseball. Most importantly, his players and students learned the values of hard work, motivation, and self-determination.

The locker room located inside the Dave Regan Clubhouse is named the LaRoche Locker Room. Patty and Dave LaRoche, as well as their family members,  have been longtime-active members of the Fort Scott community. They have contributed significantly to education, the young people of both Fort Scott High School and Fort Scott Community College – in particular the baseball program at FSCC. Prior to serving as the head baseball coach at Fort Scott Community College, Dave LaRoche had a 14 year Major League Baseball career as a pitcher. In 1997 he became the head coach of FSCC Baseball and was instrumental in the building of “The Barn” indoor baseball facility in 2001, prior to his retirement in 2002.

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