Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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To submit a person for consideration to be inducted into the FSCC Athletic Hall of Fame, please read the list of qualifications below and submit any person(s) that you feel qualify for this honor.

If you know their current address and/or phone number, please include it to help speed up the process.

Thank you for taking time to fill out the nomination form.  All nominations are requested by the first of April each year.


1. Received post-season honors while attending FSCC.

2. Successful Coach at FSCC.

3. Successful Coach, receiving honors, at a program other than FSCC.

4. Contributor/Supporter to the FSCC Athletic Program.

In addition to 1, 2, 3, or 4 above, candidate must meet all of the follwing:

5. Be a solid citizen of their community.

6. Have successfully completed a two-year or four-year degree.

7. Is not elibible for nomination until four years after competing or coaching at FSCC.

**Please fill out the first three fields with information for the person nominating**

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