Sophomores Leave Mark on Basketball Program

Sophomores Leave Mark on Basketball Program

While the 2016-17 season did not end the way Head Coach Michael Cook or his team envisioned by losing to eventual Region 6 champions Johnson County in the semifinals, the sophomores of the program not only have left a mark on the program in the community and this season, but four of the seven sophomores also in the Greyhound History books. 

Brolon Moton finished the season with a total of 156 rebounds in one season ranking him 21th on the all- time rebound list, John Freeman finished his two year career ranked 15th on all time rebounding list with 188 total rebounds.

Anthony Cerda finished his two year career as Team Captain and ranked 20th on the all-time rebound list and 12th on all-time assist list with 157 rebounds and 93 assist respectively.  Anthony was also named to Second Team All-Conference and Honorable Mention All-Region this year.

Dametrius Walker finished his two year career as Team Captain, and finished 3rd on the scoring list by scoring 1006 point in his career, 7th in all-time rebounding with 291, and 4th on the all-time assist list 210 assist.  Walker also was named Freshman of the Year, First Team All-Conference and First Team All-Region in his Freshman campaign, Walker followed up his freshmen campaign with being name second team All-Conference and Second Team All-Region his sophomore year.     

"First let me say that I am honored to have watched all seven of our sophomores grow daily on and off the court into young men that their families can be proud of.  While these four sophomores left a mark in the history list the other three also contributed daily to help our team grow and be successful, Logan Miller, Jayson Stepter and Dejuan Sherman showed growth daily and make great strides to get better throughout the year and had games that they contributed in to help us win.  I am proud of Brolon, John Anthony and Dametrius of their achievements," FSCC Head Coach Michael Cook said.