A New Era Underway For Greyhound Football

A New Era Underway For Greyhound Football

FSCC Head Football Coach Kale Pick enters his first year leading the Greyhound Team.

As a young coaching staff with many new faces in the program, the coaches continue to evaluate the players to determine the season's starting lineup. "One of our keywords during the off-season has been compete. Every starting position will be earned," said Kale Pick. "We're looking forward to watching the players compete in fall camp to see who will step up and earn a starting role this season."

On the offensive side, the quarterback will be a key position. During the 2016 season, quarterback Nathan Rourke played at a high level and earned first team all-conference honors. This fall, the Greyhounds have two new, talented quarterbacks competing for the starting role—Garret Sharp from Cedar Ridge, Texas, and Dalton Sneed, who transferred from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas.

The defensive line will also be key to a winning season for the 'Hounds. "We've had a great history with the defensive line in the past, and we plan to keep that reputation," said Pick. "We have a lot of young talent competing for those positions."

This fall, the Greyhounds will look to improve in all areas—offense, defense, and special teams. During the off-season, the practices have been designed to help improve the team's mental toughness and leadership. "We're training our players to work through adverse situations and focus when they're tired," said Pick. "As they've been pushing through those hard workouts, they've become closer as a football team."

The football coaching staff strives to create a great culture through leadership, accountability, and high expectations for the players on a daily basis. "As a student-athlete, it can be easy to just go through the motions in the classroom and on the football field. We encourage the players to do something extra every day," said Pick. "We believe the additional work will separate the students from the competition and help them reach their goals of becoming great students and elite athletes."

The season will open on Saturday, August 26, at 7:00 pm against the Butler Community College Grizzlies at Butler.

*Story Courtesy of Heather Browne, Director of Public Relations at FSCC*