"The Barn" Indoor Baseball Facility



Indoor Baseball Facility


“The Barn”, as it’s known to the coaches and players of Fort Scott Community College Baseball, was built in 2001 by then head coach, Dave LaRoche. It is an 80’ X 40’ facility that was originally built to hold 1 full length tunnel down the middle and another half tunnel in which to hit. The flooring was covered with outdoor carpet. There was another full length tunnel that was open for pitchers bullpens and the other half open space was used for hitting drills. These original specs lasted until 2008 when current head coach, John Hill III, made the initiative to do annual improvements to the Lions Field, Dave Regan Clubhouse/LaRoche Locker Room, and “The Barn”. Listed below are the annual improvements that have been made and the academic year they have occurred:


The lighting was doubled for safety and additional L-screens were purchased.


New wall covering in black mesh was added to match the uniform look of the new black theme of the field and provide a better background.

Additional lighting was added.


Carpet was removed and 50oz. specialized baseball turf was installed along the entire surface of The Barn.


The netting system was replaced with a pillow case net system that allowed for live hitting to occur without damage to the ceiling or lights and better feedback for the hitters or for live pitcher/hitter competition to occur in adverse weather occurrences. In conjunction with the netting system, a new wiring system was installed to allow for 6 hitting stations to be utilized if wanted.


Lighting was doubled again to add safety and proper viewing.

A major league baseball cleaner was purchased that cleans all practice balls and leaves them white, looking like a “pearl”.


Purchased six professional grade protective screens for each cage.


Replaced Buckets with MLB quality storage buckets & updated the netting for A-Frame portion of the building.


Purchased 420 new indoor practice BP balls for daily use & bought 18 new tees: 6 low, 6 middle, 6 high


Install new surround sound system for player enhancement during extra hitting time.

Future plans for improvements include:

Expansion along the north end to include an indoor infield/live hitting area that is 150’ X 150’ feet encased in pillow case netting.




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