Staff Directory


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Tom Havron
Athletic Director
620-223-2700 x.7230
DeeDee Cheney
Athletic Office Manager
620-223-2700 x.7350
Brandon Tadtman
Sports Information Director
Kelsey Carleton
Head Athletic Trainer
620-223-2700 x.7050


Name Title Phone E-Mail
John Hill III
Head Baseball Coach
620-223-2700 x.7170
Jared Walters
Assistant Baseball Coach
620-223-2700 x.7181
Lance Barkley
Assistant Baseball Coach
620-223-2700 x.


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kale Pick
Head Football Coach
Jeff Crosby
Special Teams, RB's and TE's Coach
Cory Giddings
Defensive Backs Coach
Jordan Gush
Offensive Coordinator, WR's Coach
620-223-2700 x.7420
Richard Johnson
Assistant Coach, Recruiting Coordinator, D-Line
Craig Richardson
LB's Coach and Strength & Conditioning
Justin Stephens
Assistant Coach, Defensive Coordinator
Mason Y'Barbo
O-Line, Run Game Coordinator

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Michael Cook
Head Men's Basketball Coach
620-223-2700 x.7280
Blake Cochran
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Chad Cross
Head Rodeo Coach
620-223-2700 x.7020
Jaice Cross
Rodeo Facility Manager
620-223-2700 x.7030


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Lana Ross
Head Softball Coach
620-223-2700 x.7190
Jennifer Strohman
Assistant Softball Coach

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jeff Tadtman
Head Women's Basketball Coach
620-223-2700 x.7390
Jordyn Alexander
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
620-223-2700 x.7250

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Lindsay Hill
Head Volleyball Coach
620-223-2700 x.7220
Haley Miller
Assistant Volleyball Coach
620-223-2700 x.7203